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-   ABOUT US  -

The original Blue Heaven farm was started by Joe's father, Maurice "Mo" Pease in the 1960s. Shortly after we got married in 1992, we bought the property across the way and continued to nurture Blue Heaven's flourishing berry business. 

It's said that happy bushes produce the tastiest berries. Well, between our loving care and the goodness in our soil, we must be doing something right! Our berries get big, (some are as big as a half dollar) and they taste amazing. If a care-free sunny afternoon had a flavor, it would be our berries.

We are Joe and Donna Pease, welcome to our farm!

When tackling the farm, we have chosen the 'divide and conquer' method. Donna enjoys working with the public through the pick-your-own portion of our business, and Joe is kept entertained with production and logistics of the wholesale piece.

We take pride in growing an excellent variety of quality fruit at a great price.

So drop us a line or come visit us and our happy bushes at Blue Heaven!

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